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I hadn’t backed up my hard drive in a few weeks. Considering that my computer pretty much contains my life, that’s really lame.
I have a Maxtor drive that copies all 200,000-plus files onto a separate drive that someone who knows how to do things like this theoretically would dump back onto my computer if necesary. I am totally paranoid about this, so I also have a laptop with all my files on it, and a way to sinc and update it to the desktop. However, I usually don’t do eiher as often as I’m supposed to.

My geek type person, (he who must be obeyed,) called this morning to check on me. So my desktop has been backing up onto the Maxtor since about 11 a.m. and I am blogging on my Lenovo Thinkpad with it’s teeny, painful to use keyboard and screen. I don’t have Outlook email on here, because I don’t want to deal with the tens of thousands of emails that would demand to be dealt with after I didn’t use this computer for a couple of weeks. Dupes of all my mail goes to GMail, but their spam filter sucks, and it would take a day to delete all the messages I don’t want because you can only zap 100 at a time.
Wahhh! I want my ergonomic keyboard and my flat screen monitor.
Ok., Andrew, I promise, I will leave the computer on the nights it is supposed to back itself up. Really, I will. :>)