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hide.pngPeter Burrows at BusinessWeek speculates that the anonymous author of the popular satirical blog “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs,” is about to be outed.
The blog is written by Fake Steve Jobs, and quickly became what Burrows calls “Jon Stewart’s Daily Show for the tech set”. There’s speculation that the author soon will be revealed with the announcement of a book deal this week.
One reason for the blog’s popularity is that FSJ seems always to be right.
That’s in contrast to the Apple Blog, which has a post about the 10 biggest Apple rumors that never came true. Among them, that Disney would buy Apple/Apple would buy Disney; that iPods would come loaded with music; and that Apple was about to buy Universal Record Group music label.
Steve Rubel says the “10 rumors” post is a “Good reminder of how citizen journalists can be wrong too at times.” Sure we all make mistakes sometimes, but most of these rumors also were picked up by MSM, which, not surprisingly, uses the Apple Blog as a source, generally without credit.
Apple has taken legal action – and lost – against bloggers whom it claims revealed trade secrets, but hasn’t gone after Fake Steve Jobs. Some people say that’s because the real Steve Jobs is the Fake Steve Jobs: which would certainly be funny.