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netradio.pngProving once again the strength of the Internet for brining together people of like mind to take action, the regularly scheduled programming of millions of Internet radio listeners will be interrupted today when tens of thousands of U.S. webcasters observe a national Day of Silence.
The broadcasters are protesting the recent 300 percent royalty rate increase for online music webcasters, and the aim of the industry-wide, day long blackout is to raise awareness of the threat these new rates pose to the future of Internet radio and rally support for legislation pending in Congress.
WBGO, the jazz station I am a member of and that I listen to online all day is among thousands of other radio stations that stream their broadcasts on the Internet who are protesting the Bush administration’s proposed fees for public broadcasting.
The Save Net Radio Coalition asks that we call out Senators and Representatives – you can get their names and numbers here by entering your zip code.