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ghost.jpgScott Hepburn tagged me in a meme that goes around and around. But it’s fun, so here goes:
1. B.L. has been my nickname since I was a baby. I have yet to change it legally, but I intend to do that in 2009
2. I used to live on a farm in Connecticut in a 200 year-old farmhouse that had ghosts. It was in a part of CT – Bethel to Norwalk – known for its ghost sightings
3. My paternal grandfather, Mischa Borr, led an orchestra that played at the Starlight Ballroom of the Waldorf Hotel. He used to let me tap dance on the stage.
4. I was kicked out of the Peanut Gallery of the Howdy Doody Show because I cried when Clarabel the Clown came out. Clowns still creep me out.
5. I went to Swing Out New Hampshire Dance Camp in 2005 and danced my face off for three nights and four days.
6. I tried to learn to play the 5-string banjo, and took lessons from the fabulous Tony Trishka, and the amazing Taj Mahal, and went to The Banjo Institute with 300 other banjo players from all over the world. I’m somewhere in this photo from 1992.
7. I’ve been married twice and I’ll do it again. Proposals welcome.
Ok, tag, you’re it:
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Lee Stacey
Cathleen Rittereiser
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