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Ragan Communications’ “The best posts from communication blogs” noted my post of February 16 about he Tri-Valley Herald’s report of an internal blog at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
“How long” I asked, “before this blog is shut down? Let’s see, will it be Condi or Karl who find a reason to disappear this blog? My bet is on Karl.”
Says Ragan, “We clicked on the link to the Los Alamos blog that Ochman provided. We got: ‘Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server. Please visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.’
Oh, Karl.”

via Eric Eggertson
Edelman PR and Intelliseek have teamed up to write a free White paper PDF “Trust MEdia.” They’ve also done “1.0 Guide to the Blogosphere” available on to their clients, identifying influential bloggers by categories.
I’m quoted in the report, and Steve Rubel and Neville Hobson are identified as influential bloggers.
I find the report has lots of good information, but it often takes an “us vs them” attitude, with “us” being corporations and PR firms and “they” being bloggers. For example: “[don’t] be anonymous or pretend to be someone else. They’ll find you out.