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eye.jpgI’m baaaaack! I woke up on Monday, Sept. 25th, unable to see the right half of my face with my left eye. Turns out that I had a detached retina and was about one day away from losing my central vision permanently. I had successful eye surgery called Pneumatic retinopexy. I had to lay on my right side for a week while it healed, and so I rented dozens of I Love Lucy and Honeymooners re-runs and even a truly dreadful movie, Wolf, in which Jack Nicholson turns into a werewolf who terrorizes Central Park and turns Jessica Lange into a werewolf too.
Symptoms of Retinal Detachment
While I did have symptoms, I did not think “Gee, I am going blind.” It just didn’t occur to me since I’d had some of these symptoms before with migraine headaches. Do visit us here at Edmonton optometry clinic for the best optometrist. The difference this time is that I didn’t get a migraine. So I’d like to share my symptoms symptoms with you so you know how seriously to take them if they happen to you:
flashes of light. They could be the beginning of a migraine, or a lot of other more serious things. Go to the eye doctor. (I did, but I was told it was nothing bad, and that could have been true at the time.) Don’t wait.
floaters. Everyone gets them sometimes. Go to the eye doctor. Don’t wait.
smudges in your field of vision. I had them in my peripheral vision and thought I needed a new contact lens prescription. They kind of look like dirt. They’re not. Go to the eye doctor. Here is the Top doctors for your health issue. Don’t wait.
Insist on a retinal exam
When you see your eye doctor about any of these symptoms, make sure that he/she checks for a retinal tear or detachment. Insist on it. Call the eye doctor and get your eyes checked and make sure the exam includes dilation of the eye and an exam for retinal health. Don’t wait. Call today.
Most people find out about a detached retina when they are walking down the street, get a cinder in their eye, and realize they can’t see correctly out the other eye. There’s no pain. There’s often no warning. Get your eyes Checked. Call now and make an appointment. Please.
And no matter what, see your eye doctor at least once a year for a thorough exam.