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ChemBio_Lifesavers3_FDIC.jpgJust to show you the lengths to which I will go for a client, here I am in Atlantic City at the FDIC East convention with Ed Roscioli, president of ChemBio Shelter and video producer Gerlinde Puchas (right.)
ChemBio has a patent pending on a new method of generating oxygen inside a sealed shelter in the event of a chemical or biological attack. Life saving… hmm…. Lifesavers. I knew there would not be much levity at the conference unless we brought it with us. Our costumes were the talk of the show and helped generate a stream of traffic to our booth.
I brought together the Web designer, the video producer, the booth designer, the costume designer, and all other professionals and services we’ve needed, as well as idnetifying the strategy and key contacts we’ll need to make to get this startup going. Roscioli will soon be bloggng about his experiences bringing his shelter to market.
And I got to answer the door in the costume when the Trick or Treaters came tonight. :>)