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comedy.pngThere appears to be an insensitivity epidemic. Not only has that total jerk Don Imus insulted the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team, but now Comedy Central and Oddcast have launched the Comedy Central Comedian Constructor which lets you make a comedian avatar who tells pre-recorded jokes or uses ones that you record. It’s sponsored by Hyundai. And it makes fun of homeless people. A pre-recorded message you can have your avatar say:

What’s the best thing about dating homeless guys? You can drop them off anywhere.”

When did homelessness become funny?
Oddcast is the brilliant company behind Monk-e-mail and several other brilliant campaigns. Which makes this slur astounding. And I have to say, after this, I won’t be thinking Hyundai when I think about cars.
C’mon you guys! You gotta get that joke off the site right now!!! Homeless bashing just isn’t funny.