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dogeating.pngThe FDA held a press conference this afternoon the on issue of food contamination. The FDA says they still don’t know the source of the contamination, or its extent. Pet Connection live blogged it and I’ve been reading scores of reports on the issue because no one mainstream media outlet is providing complete coverage.
Recall News Highlights:
another pet food company has announced recalls including brands sold by Drs. Foster and Smith and Costco.
– another chemical, cyanuric acid, has been identified, which increases the damage caused by melamine. Like melamine, cyanuric acid is a chemical that can be used to boost the apparent protein content of foods but is normally used as a stabilizer in outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs.
6,000 hogs who have eaten tainted food will be humanely destroyed
Chenango Valley Pet Foods has begun voluntarily recalling pet fods containing rice protein concentrate for a shipment tainted with melamine. Both wet and dry, cat and dog foods are included, including those sold nationally by the Drs. Foster and Smith website.
Shamefully, Drs Foster & Smith do not highlight the information on their home page! Instead, it’s on an inside page that took me a few minutes to find.
– Pet Connection database’s self-reported per deaths:

“Update 4/26, 7:56 a.m. PT: 4,515 pets (2,306 cats and 2,209 dogs) have been reported as deceased to our PetConnection database. Total number of affected pets reported: 13,984.”

Sacramento Bee:

“This story is far from over. It’s a helpless feeling when you’re afraid to put food in your mouth.”

Hat tip to Petosphere