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That’s my new Therapod, the remarkable new chair I got today to help my repetitive stress injuries.

Add it to my sexy keyboard, and I now have a kick ass work station.

The Therapod is adjustable entirely to me. Nobody else will be as comfortable as I will be in my chair because several parts of it adjust not only to my size but also to my weight.

Having literally been crippled by computers more than 10 years ago, and forced to stop publishing my print newsletter, I have had to learn a LOT about ergonomics.

Joel Kendall of Kenebowe, an ergonomist who counts major media outlets among his clients, has been helping me learn how to work pain-free. And wooo hooo, is this chair ever comfortable. I’ve been at my computer for 12 hours and my back doesn’t hurt. My leg is not falling asleep, my hands aren’t aching. Yay! At last. Thanks Joel!