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Dog_Cell_Phone.jpgI like my dog, Sam, to have the best of everything. And I have called him when I’m away so he could hear my voice on the answering machine. But that doesn’t mean he needs his own cell phone. Or that he’d remember to carry it if he had one.
PetsMobility has launched “the First Ever Cellular Telephone for Pets!” It’s a cell phone that attaches to the dog’s collar (for paws free answering I guess.)
According to the press release from hell: “The PetsCell(TM) will allow pet owners to talk to their pets as well as allowing owners to request assistance should they require help. In addition, and perhaps more valuable, pet owners will have a piece of mind [sic] that if their pet is lost and someone finds their pet wandering the

streets, with a simple press of a button on the mobile device, the auto dial will dial the owners home alerting the owner to retrieve their pet. The PetsCell(TM), 2-way communication device will also be available with an optional GPS tracking chip and a fibre optic camera for search and rescue applications.”
It appears that English is not the first language of the writer of this release, which also deserves a run-on sentence of the week award.
One problem: most lost pets have also lost their collars and tags. That’s why people microchip their pets. Shelters are supposed to use a special wand to see if the pet has a microchip and use the information to contact the owner.