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I’ll still be blogging here every day, and I’ll also be blogging on Rick Bruner’s Business Blog Consulting blog where he has created a remarkable source of information about how companies are using blogs in the marketing mix.
Steve Rubel of MicroPersuasion, whom I know and respect, also will be contributing to Business Blog Consulting.
How am I going to find the time? I’ve actually grown a second head. It reads full-time and handles some of the writing.
Rick has gotten a full-time j-o-b at Double Click and a steady paycheck. He won’t have the time to blog on his site nite and day as is his wont, although he will still contribute. He’ll be asking a couple of other people who know business blogging to contribute too.
One thing: Rick describes me as a PR person in his post about this. I was, until 1998, when I re-tooled myself and became an Internet marketer. I consider myself a recovering PR person, and I have a healthy disrespect for most PR people. I do Internet marketing strategy, Web content and search engine optimization, business blogs, project management, and anything it takes to help online businesses grow. Sometimes that includes PR, but it’s rare.
On Business Blog Consulting, my posts will always be on topic: business blogging, news, articles and events. No blatant self-promotion.
I’m really looking forward to joining what I know will be a terrific team.