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Several well regarded sources say that Googlers are currently testing GMeet – a Hangout-based teleconferencing platform for business customers that could very likely be category killer for the teleconferencing stalwarts like GoToMeeting, WebEx et al.


Observers say that snippets of existing code indicate that GMeet would incorporate Google Hangouts and add the ability to create events for specific meetings, which people can join with one click. GMeet was spotted by Florian Kiersch and mentioned on Google+ where he points out that login is currently limited only to Googlers. Kiersch notes in comments on his post “You can believe it or doubt it. That’s completly up to you. The people who follow me for some time already do know…the things I post usually are correct.”

We will keep you up to date as news emerges. Meantime, WebEx et al must be quaking in their boots.