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google_trends.jpgBy B.L. Ochman Google is in the midst of a press day, announcing a slew of new products, the first of which — Google Trends — is remarkable. BUT, and this is a big but, the results do not include blog posts.
How it works: Google Trends allows you to search Google traffic and analyzes shows how many searches have been done on certain terms over time. It also shows how many times the topics appeared in Google News, but not blogs.
Maybe they plan a Technorati-busting blog search engine soon. Or hell, maybe they’ll just buy Technorati.
Also announced, Google Desk Top 4 Beta gets a thumbs up from PC Magazine, which notes that there is no MAC or Linux support. “

A burgeoning group of plug-in panels available–159 to date! Desktop search continues to work well.”

Boy, I’m glad I bought those three shares of Google. :>)