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Google AdWords has launched Inside Ad Words which they call a blog but I call it lame.
You can email (if you like autoresponder replies) but there are no comments or trackbacks. And the team, identified as Andrew, Blake, Vivian and John, says they “will try and post every few days.”
Pretty lame if four people can’t set up a schedule of regular posting.
Do us a favor. Take down the blog until you are ready to make it real.
Here’s the autoresponse to my email suggesting they turn on comments:

Thank you for writing in about Inside AdWords. Though we may not get to respond to you personally, we are reading through everything that comes in. So keep visiting the site.
If you have questions about your AdWords account, please visit the help center at The AdWords Help Center provides the answers to a wide variety of questions. If you are unable to find the information you need, you can contact the AdWords Team through our online contact form.
-The Inside AdWords team