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geek rock.JPGEver since Calfironia salesman Gary Dahl became a millionaire selling the Pet Rock for Christmas 1975, dreamers and schemers have been trying to invent the next Pet Rock. The first one came with a Pet Rock Training Manual – a step-by-step guide to having a happy relationship with your geological pet, including instructions for how to make it roll over and play dead and how to house train it.
Enter Geek Rocks, made in the USA rocks with a (real) brush haircut and geeky glasses, selling for $15-20 each, including shipping. Here are my favorites among the site’s top 10 reasons to buy one:
10. Your GeekRock is a good listener, never interrupting with dumb questions.
9. Your GeekRock never blames you for problems with your computer.
6. GeekRocks will not try to hit on you during service calls.
4. Your GeekRock is always available for consultation or reprimand as needed.
2. Your GeekRock can assist in the final demise of your monitor or computer when the time comes to propel heavy objects at your system. (Especially good for Dells.)