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freelancers_lunch.jpgI attended a Freelancer’s Union focus group luncheon today to discuss ways in which the organization can/should advocate for members. It was held at posh Andy Warhol Foundation offices on Bleeker St, and lunch (with very yummy cookies) came from Balthazar.
The 40,000-member organization, founded in 1995, offers health insurance and other benefits to freelancers. It is where I get my (decent but essentially mediocre) health insurance. Sadly, it also is the best policy available to self-employed residents of New York State.
Those attending the lunch want the union to advocate for better health insurance, more equitable taxes and unemployment eligibility for the self-employed.
It was suggested that the union look into a legal assistance program, and the possible creation of industry standards for freelance workers.
Freelancer’s Union is an organization whose time has come. The workforce is increasingly freelance, and the issues faced by the self-employed are complex. A strong force working on our behalf is the only way to institute change.