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bold_moves_4.jpgFord Bold Moves has veered off its stated bold course and become a very glorified PR effort promoting big engines and fast cars. And Community Buzz continues its self-congratulatory path. I guess auto blogs are interested in this type of stuff. Yawn. Sure doesn’t seem like the promised paradigm shift to transparency or customer involvement.
The campaign’s promise:

“Bold Moves” puts you at the heart of the story, letting you engage, debate, and get involved in what’s happening at Ford right now.”

Not so far….
They even run a contextual ad in the search results for “Ford Bold Moves” on Technorati:

BOLD MOVES, THE FUTURE OF FORD: Step behind the curtain at Ford Motor. A new documentary series. Be part of the transformation as it happens in real-time.

While the intent to be more open may be there, it’s clear that Ford and other big companies are having a very hard time getting their heads around the value of social media and customer involvement.
Why spend all this money on Bold Moves– clearly Ford is spending millions — to produce a bunch of video news releases and a faux blog?
Why not just ask your customers — what are your suggestions for turning Ford around? And then listen, respond, and change. Rinse, repeat.