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eBayDOGcartoon.bmpThe Net has turned nearly every business into a global business and every customer into a global consumer, Michael Maiello writes in Forbes.
The markets that have changed:

Accounting and Taxes
Fine Arts
Political Donations
Real Estate

I’d add:
o Telecom to that list, because VOIP is certainly giving Verizon et al a run for the money
o the automobile industry, where bricks and mortar car dealers now but low-paid order takers
o the music industry, which simply refuses to believe that consumers have choices
“Everything is easier to sell online. Everyone is easier to sell online.” Maiello says.
He’s right that the Internet provides the opportunity to turn every click into a commercial transaction as when you visit to buy your oscillating saw blades. But many companies large and small are still missing that opportunity. They’re the ones who want to have total message control — something that was always an illusion. But these days, ignoring the consumers’ point of view can cost a business its life – just ask Dell.