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emoodicon.pngThis is my new Emoodicon – the updated version of the mood ring – sent by my friend, and Emoodicon’s inventor, artist John T. Unger.
Go get yourself one. And while you’re there, get several for the geeks and digital natives in your life. They are going mad love Emoodicons.
How Emoodicon rings work: the glass top of the stainless steel ring screws off so you can insert the emoticom disk that displays the mood you want to show the world at the moment. Smileys, frownies, and symbols for shy, ROFL, devilish, bugged, and others familiar from email are included in the set of 25 that comes with each of the techie mood rings. You store them inside the ring and change them when the spirit moves you.
There’s an Emoodicon blog, natch, and contests too.