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Everybody must be pretty exhausted from all the disaster news because I have yet to see fervent appeals to help the Forida victims of Wilma. Yet, FEMA has blown it again (no surprise there) and people are still standing in line waiting for food and water.
My former sister-in-law and her family were rendered homeless and car-less in Key West, where stinking, fetid water was up to their chests in their house, their mother and my ex’s house when they straggled home with two toddlers, their ducks (who stayed in the bathroom of the hotel in Miami,) their dog and cat.
The family, throughout the country, is rallying round them, planning to help them re-build, sending the essentials, like clothes, bedding and the like. It’s going to take a massive amount of money, time and effort. Especially to re-assure their young children that they will, indeed, have a home again.
UPDATE, Nov 2, 2005: Lest you think all is now fine in Southern Florida, this came today:
“We are still quite overwhelmed with the tasks ahead. We work all day seems like we are not getting anywhere.
… the kids … have seen their house trashed, their Mom crying at intervals, Dad quiet, their rabbit drown, their fish washed from the pond and into the yard, their toys covered with sewer water…. They, of course, are our biggest concern. I told them that we would fix the house and make it even better.”
Where’s FEMA? Where’s the insurance company? Have they called you? They haven’t called anyone in Key West either.