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Microsoft has announced that in mid-January you’ll be able to buy a line of Internet-linked watches that will be fed news headlines, stock quotes and sport scores wirelessly. And hopefully they will come with a really cool looking magnifying glass so you can read the teeny weeny little itsy bitsy content.
I’ve been trying to get one a new Dick Tracy watch since the one I got in the back of a comic book when I was 10 stopped working.

Besides the $200 for the watches from Fossil and Suunto, you’ll have to pay a $10 monthly subscription to Microsoft’s MSN Direct service. Buyers can visit the MSN site to customize the information they will receive.
One Fossil model is designed to look like Dick Tracy’s famous two-way wristwatch. Two-way radio is not included – but the watch will flash faux messages from “the chief” and “Tess” through the day.
According to the Register, Spot (‘Smart Personal Object Technology’) was announced by Microsoft last January, backed by watchmakers Citizen and Fossil. The MSN-branded system uses FM radio signals to broadcast weather, traffic and other information to $10-a-month subscribers’ watches. The signals are broadcast from sites in 100 US and Canadian cities and can reach 80 per cent of the North America, Microsoft has said.