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We told you last week that Michael Dell has Ubuntu (and not Vista) on his laptop. Here’s one reason why – Dell will be pre-loading the Linux-based, community-developed software on some consumer machines, according to eWeek. A Dell spokesperson said the move is a response to growing customer demand.
While Dell hasn’t made an official announcement, eWeek says “According to our sources, Ubuntu will be released on a Dell e-series “Essential” Dimension desktop, an XPS desktop and an e-series Inspiron laptop.”
As we’ve told you before, large numbers of consumers, who’ve had to serve as VISTA guinea pigs, are not happy with the new Microsoft OS. VISTA comes pre-loaded on many brands of consumer PCs now, while big companies watchfully wait a year or two for new OS kinks to be ironed out. We’ve personally witnessed people returning PCs because they hate VISTA, and switching to Macs. A salesman at J & R Computers told us that happens on a daily basis.