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Jeff Jarvis has a Dear Mr. Dell letter today that eloquently explains to Michael Dell why he needs to pay attention to customers. Here’s the bottom line: bloggers and consumers can move markets. Any company president, CMO and CFO who doesn’t believe that and who doesn’t read Jarvis’ letter will rue the day he or she ignored it.
“Your customer satisfaction is plummeting, your marketshare is shrinking, and your stock price is deflating,” Jarvis begins. But I doubt Michael Dell is listening. And I’d bet that he doesn’t have the balls to respond in a comment on Jarvis’ blog or this one.
I’ve been in Dell Hell too. And I am presently experiencing HP IPAQ 2755 and HP Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard hell. Dell and HP’s tech support is ignorant, arrogant, slow, and filled with people whose heavily accented English is often unintelligible.
A policy of abusing consumers will eventually bite Dell and HP and lots of other companies in the ass. I can’t wait til the day.
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