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cop_laughing.pngThe cop who tasered Andrew Meyer LAUGHED as Meyer screamed in pain. I’ve looked at several versions of the video and saw this frame in every one.
If this cop laughing as 50,000 volt electric shock hits Meyer — who is handcuffed and on the ground — doesn’t turn your stomach, tell me: what will?
Is Meyer guilty of being a obnoxious, and maybe a jerk? Yes. But when he was tasered, it was your freedom of speech, and mine, that took the hit.
Our country seems to prefer Reality TV to actual reality. Now the Internet makes everything a little distant. We’re not so much participants as we are observers.
But by doing nothing while over-zealous campus cops violently attacked Meyer, the people in that room who accepted the use of force against Meyer opened the door to the same type of force being used against them.
There’s always a price to pay for complacency. If not now, soon.