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The new Facebook Grid Tool shows you whether images in your ad contain more than 20 percent text. More text violates Facebook’s 20 percent grid rule. Ads that do that are rejected by Facebook – or worse.

Worse than rejected?

What’s worse than having an ad rejected that you worked hard to create? The ad will run, but with hardly any delivery.

To use the Grid Rule Checker, you place your image within the grid. Text is allowed to appear in a maximum of five boxes on the grid. If the picture/banner has text in six or more boxes, Facebook will reject it because it violates the 20 percent text rule.

Facebook has additional image requirements for ads, including:

  • No before/after images
  • No images of a person in pain and/or distressed
  • No false functionality (such as a play button in the center of an image, encouraging viewers to think the ad is a video so they will click on it)