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By B.L. Ochman
Any CMO or corporate attorney still fighting against giving up total message control needs to tape this post to their monitor and read it often. Microsoft’s uber blogger Robert Scoble’s explanation of why he blogs about what is wrong with Microsoft is a gorgeous pean on the value of blogging. I’ve taken the libery of adding bulleted points which evey CMO should now tape to their monitor and refer to daily, or even hourly.

“A reader asked me whether I think it’s smart business, given my visibility, to point out everything that’s wrong with Microsoft. After all, that might give people the idea that Windows Vista is buggier than it actually is, was the thesis.
That’s a risk I’m willing to take. Why?

  • First, my belief is that my readers are smarter than I am and can figure out the truth.
  • Second, I am sick of companies always taking the “only report good PR” route — that’s no way to build trust and improve products together.
  • Third, I know a few people in power read my blog and I want the best possible Windows Vista out there (translation: public discussion increases the chances that these issues will be fixed and not swept under the rug).
  • Fourth, this is the time to fix problems, not worry about PR.
  • Fifth, I assume you all know how to use Technorati to search for the dirt on Microsoft anyway. :-)
  • He also says “Don’t tell Steve Ballmer, but the best place to get news on Microsoft is actually on Google.”

    Cartoon: Hugh Macleod