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Dan Gillmor suggests that coverage of really huge companies like Wal-Mart is too big a job to be handled adequately by traditional media coverage. He suggests that the overall tale could best be told by citizen journalists.
Wikipedia’s Wal-Mart and sites such as Wake Up Wal-Mart, which lists news articles, are a good start.
Better yet, he says, would be “frequent reports from people in the communities where Wal-Mart operates, told by the people who work and shop there, not to mention companies affected by its practices.”
I think we will begin to see more cooperative ventures between bloggers who will collaborate on special reports and databases that will help give the whole picture about a business or industry. Hopefully they’ll include lots of case studies and original reporting. That level of collaboration is something traditional media are highly unlikely to do because they are competing for the same ad dollars.
Related: Kevin Dugan notes that no bloggers were included when Wal-Mart held its first-ever media event, in an effort to repair its tarnished public image.