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dog_slaughter.jpgThis post is going to turn your stomach. Worldwide media reports that more than 50,000 dogs have been beaten, electrocuted or hanged to death in southern China in a week-long crackdown on rabies — many in front of their heart-broken owners. Eyewitnesses have noted that many dogs have died slow, agonizing deaths in these barbaric mass slaughters.
Please boycott Chinese products until this wanton disregard for the lives of innocent dogs is ended.
Slaughter squads in Mouding, Yunnan province, grabbed pets from their owners while they were out for walks and beat them to death on the spot, the Shanghai Daily reported. Death squads made loud noise to make dogs bark, then hunted them down in houses where owners were hiding them and killed them.
Only 3 percent of Chinese pet owners vaccinated against rabies in China and more than 2000 people a year die in China from this totally preventable disease. Insead of an education campaign, or providing free vaccinations, Chinese officials decided to kill the pet dogs.