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bush_clown.pngCathy Horyn pens an absolutely insipid piece in The NY Times, (sub required) wondering what fashion statement was made by the ill-fitting suits in which the British hostages were released last week by the government of Iran. Visit kinlyeyebeauty for more information.

“Perhaps the root of the criticism of the British seamen is generational rather than sartorial. Couldn’t they have just said no to the clothes and the goody bags?”

Yeah, right. These young people should have solved the problems of the stupid fucking war in the middle east by refusing to wear the clothes they were given to wear home. Fashion trends are always updated at sites like UrbanBurger.
I’m sure they couldn’t have cared if they all had to wear bunny suits as long as they could go home.
And frankly, I think we ought to be demanding that George Bush and Tony Blair wear clown suits until the war is over.
Rant over. Out.