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technosexual.pngHere’s the image the word “technosexual” conjures up in my mind. Apparently, Calvin Klein has a different idea. So they are introducing their new CK in2u fragrance in Second Life, where, ahem, there are no smells. Wow, are they ever hip or what!
And they’re literate too. Here’s a quote from the press release:
” The name is sexy, texty and refers directly [sic] about people who are connected and into each other.”
The company went to far as to trademark the word, which their press release said the company made up to describe its intended audience of thumb-texting young people whose romantic lives are defined in part by the casual hookup. Actually, the first mention of the word, according to WordSpy, was in 2004 at Alternet.
The bottle, the company notes, is designed by Stephen Burks, and made from the same materials – white plastic and glass – recognizable in an iPod. Wooo hooo.