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Jason Calcanis says he’s “sick of the Technorati 100”, which lists what it says are the “biggest blogs in the blogosphere, as measured by links.”
So he’s offering “$50,000 in advertising on his blogs to the first person to come up with a better 100 list” based on his criteria.
He writes: “Where is the Feedster 500, the Blogpulse 500, the Pubsub 500, the Yahoo Blog Search 500, the Bloglines 500, and the IceRocket 500?
What’s wrong with you guys!?!? Get on the ball and give Technorati some competition!!! Right now everyone is focused on the Technorati 100 which is really flawed for the reasons I’ve given above. Technorati gets half its press from the 100 list—don’t you want to get a taste of that!?!”

Technorati Problems Are Well-Known
It is well-known and often blogged that Technorati has major problems keeping up-to-date on links to blogs; updates links erratically if at all; and rarely, if ever, changes its top 100 list. Technorati needs a huge infusion of cash, bandwidth, and better programming if it wants to compete with Yahoo!, Google and the other big players who are breathing down its neck.
Surely, part of Calcanis’ motive is that he wants to own the top 500 blogs list and benefit from the traffic — and advertising — it generates.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.