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I like Bob Bly. He’s a smart guy. But when it comes to blogs, the man just doesn’t get it. He’s at it again today in his DM News column. He argues, that you are wasting your time blogging unless you can prove that you made at least $400K, or one percent of $40 million through your blog.
Well, duh, Bob, I don’t make $40 million a year (do you?) but I do make a very comfortable living and my blog certainly contributes to it.
I have sold more than 100 of my reports through my blog, at $35$99 each. I tracked these sales through my site stats, one of the beautiful things about Internet metrics.
I also have generated more than $100K in sales by attracting two clients through my blog in the past five months. They read What’s Next Blog, then read my site, and then hired me. In addition, I have, so far this year, generated $5,000 in paid speaking engagements about blogging.
My blog is integrated with my website and is an active selling tool for me. I certainly have made more than one percent of my sales and so have many other bloggers.
Bob wants to make a point and he’s bound and determined to do it, regardless of the facts about blogging.
And hey Bob, thanks for the plus in your column, recommending my report, “What Could Your Company Do With a Blog?”