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head-firstwinner-ani.gifThere will be no press release to announce the first winner of the Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt. It’s all blog baby!
Our first winner is George Culbertson in Orlando, FL. His story is on the blog here. The second winner is William Stevens and a third winner is in the wings. Treasure will be hidden in 16 cities total, so there are 12 more potential winner opportunities.
Our first winner, who’s single, says he’s having some economic troubles but he believes in Karma and realizes that he’s not the only one that needs to Up His Budget. So he’s going to split it among 2 of his friends. One friend doesn’t know yet!
As Adrants’ Steve Hall said about Budget Car Rental’s campaign: “Who needs mainstream media when you have the consumer-generated, conversational power of weblogs and social media?”
We’re going to send this out into the blogosphere and let mainstream media pick it up from here. A grand experiment.
Site traffic is topping 11,000 a day.