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One afternoon recently, I noticed that Steve Hall at adrants, a complusive, 7 day-a-week poster, hadn’t posted anything on his blog yet that day. I emailed him “R u allright?” He said I was the third person to ask him, and noted how people assume bloggers are sick if we don’t post.
A friend of mine who hadn’t heard from me in a while emailed, “I know you are still alive, because you’re blogging.”
In an email exchange with Rick Bruner, who founded Business Blog Consulting and who is now a big who ha at Doubleckick, I teased him that he doesn’t blog because now he has a real J-o-b. And he responded “Exactly! I’d say the correlation between avid blogging and non-standard work life is high. No wonder the whole thing took off during the recession.”
My work life is as non-standard as they get, and lately I am slaving over a hot computer for countless hours every day to write this blog and launch Ethics Crisis. It’s big fun, but the researching, writing, promoting and so on take time, time, time. Just venting. Have a great evening. I’ll be offline. :>)