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Anything to do with blogs is turning out to be wildly popular at the Search Engine Strategies Show in New York. The level is very basic — what is a blog is still (arggh!) the big question.
Today, at lunch, I sat at a table designated for bloggers and found people who wanted to talk to bloggers to find out what we do. And, they asked, can you please explain RSS feeds in plain English.
Many big companies, who seem to operate in their own time zone, are finally waking up to the fact that blogs are a valuable marketing tool. Of course, they won’t be valuable for long if everyone and her dog starts one.
While there are nearly 10 million blogs being written, I bet under 1,000 actually have any sizeable audience or influence.
It bears repeating that blogs are NOT for everyone. Blogs are hard work to maintain in the long run. They are time and writing intensive. They need to be opionated and daring to develop a loyal following. If you need three layers of approval for a press release, don’t even think about starting a blog!