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blog_nyc.jpgYou can’t make this stuff up. James Poling at BlogNYC is being sued by Stephanie Adams, a former Playboy bunny (waaay former) for saying that her MySpace page, is ugly and hard to read. (You decide.)
Adams’ lawyer, Martin Siegel, may be the same attorney who represented Ken Lay in the Enron bankruptcy. While it would seem that there were plenty of corporate swindlers he could represent, he apparently has some time on his hands.
In his official reply to Siegel, Poling says:

“I am not an attorney but I will be acting as one on my own behalf until I find one I can pay in hugs and karma. While this is James Poling, the blogger, I am acting as James Poling the lawyer and ask that you refrain from any further correspondence with my client, James Poling the blogger. As you can see by new e-mail address,, I will now only accept any correspondence from you through that e-mail address. It really helps us keep things straight around here. Any correspondence to any other email address will not be acknowledged.

You say that Ms. Adams has authorized you to commence legal action against my client, James Poling the blogger. That makes us laugh as we will demonstrate here…lol…lol…lol. My client is a very busy and very important blogger and does not have the time to be pretending to be his own lawyer.
… My client is a good and decent citizen, for the most part, and will not be intimidated into giving up his right to free speech by a woman who claims to be a “Sorceress” and uses bullying lawyers to try and intimidate people with her baseless lawsuits.
Very Truly Yours,
James Poling (the lawyer)