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bloggoggle.jpgBloggoggle is a new directory of bloggers that you can search by the category of the blog or profession or profession of the blogger.
Bloggers create their own profile. It’s not clear whether the listings are cross referenced, and if they are, it is not by the blogger, which would be a good way.
It’s all about the marketing now
Looks like a pretty decent new tool. so now it’s a matter of how well the Bloggoggle is promoted to and by bloggers to see how many well-known bloggers sign up.
The vast majority of Betas fade away because VCs apparently still don’t think marketing is any more important in the blog boom than they did before the dot.bomb crash of 2000.
New companies are still saying, “We don’t have any money for marketing” or “we hope to do marketing once we’re out of beta,” or, “we spent all our money on the software, we don’t have any more for advertising.”
Well, no need to rant, dear readers, you, savvy marketers, get the picture. Promote or die.