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bloggers_anonymous.jpgBlog addict David Armano, in an attempt to help other addicted bloggers save themselves, has formed Bloggers Anonymous
BA takes Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog to task for chief blogger Ann Handley’s post mocking blog addiction. We did a post about our own blog addiction in 2005, and since I now write this blog, Ethics Crisis, and write for MarketingProfs’ blog, I know I’m really hooked.
Blogger’s Anonymous has a blog intervention video of a woman who gives up her babies so she can blog. Poor dear didn’t make it through rehab.
And there are the 12 Steps to Blog Recovery, sure to be blasphemous in Alcoholics Anonymous Land where the 12 steps are not to be made public.
My fave:
11. Sought through coffee and Tivo to improve our time offline and resolved to not check our Technorati rankings more than once a day
Listen up addicts: 90 visits to BA in 90 days, and get yourself a sponsor.