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Jason Calcanis and Nick Denton have sparred extensively about the need for a blog code of ethics, as have many others in the blogosphere.
Duncan Riley editor Blog Herald has entered the debate with its his strange disclosure policy. Riley says “If your[sic] taking money from anyone as part of your blogging, and I’d note that although I’d say Google Adsense probably doesn’t count on this one, but BlogAds certainly does, you should consider some sort of disclosure statement in relation to your revenue and what you will and won’t do for a dollar.”
Hey Duncan, why would one type of advertising count and not another?
He notes that The Blog Herald will accept gifts of goods or software for review on the site, guarantee that such goods will be reviewed, but not guarantee a good review, and that it will be noted that the goods were gifts. Makes sense.
But he loses it when he includes:
Personal dislikes of the Editor:
SixApart/ Mena Trott
The Blog Herald advises that the personal dislike by its editor, Duncan Riley, as a member of the MT Diaspora of 2004 against the SixApart company and its President, Mena Trott, may and does influence the reporting of this company at the Blog Herald.