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I’ve just been named a contributing editor to Take Back The News, the new community-driven, grassroots news aggregation, dissemination and discussion site that debuts today.
Clarification: No, I didn’t get a job. I’ll be spending an hour or so a day as an editor. It’s a noble experiment, but who knows where it’ll go. I’m happy to be along for the ride.
Registered visitors to the site can contribute content, which is read by Take Back the News editors who validate the source, categorize it. and assign a news value to the story.
Executive editor John Little says the citizen journalism site is meant to be a “funnel for good journalism all over the world.”
The site is based on Drupal open source blog software, and cost a total of $25 to build, according to Little.
The concept has already attracted the attention of Dan Gillmor, Robin Good, and others here here and in 55 links on