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My colleagues Albert Maruggi, Dave Erickson and I have switched The Beyond Social Media Show from Blog Talk Radio to Google Plus hangouts on air, and we recorded our first episode in the new format last night. Read more about why we’ve moved to Google Plus here.

In our first Beyond Social Media Show Google Plus hangout, we covered these topics:

When it’s done wrong
* PETCO’s mishandling of the death of a puppy at the hands of one of their trainers
* Unscooped Dog Poop Delivered To Owners Homes
* Disney’s Story App & Kodak’s Missed Opportunity
* Turkish Government’s Communications Clampdown

When it’s done right
* Ben & Jerry’s Crowdsources Flavors in a fun new way
* Izzy’s Ice Cream’s RFID Notification Service
* Adobe’s Real-Time CreativeDays Photoshopping Campaign

Shiny New Stuff
* Google Trends Real-Time Visualization
* Google Glass potential
* 10 Top Video Editing Apps

The Daily Numbers
* Top Deterrents To Tablet Shopping

You’ll find the video playlist for Google Plus Hangout Episode 1 of the Beyond Social Media Show, here. That’s where you can watch specific topics we covered during the hangout.

We were getting the hang of the technology last night, but we’ll be making these hangouts public in the near future. You can subscribe to the Beyond Social Media Show YouTube channel here to watch the shows as your schedule allows, or you can join us on the Beyond Social Media Google Plus page to be notified of future show times and topics.