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socialminder.jpgI just spammed everyone to whom I’ve sent email – and that’s a lot of people. That’s because SocialMinder (nope, I won’t link to them) is a spamming scam that I and a lot of other web savvy people fell for it.
I’m fuming, and I don’t suffer silently. SocialMinder violated my trust and my contacts’ privacy. I profusely apologize if I have spammed you through them.
Because my friends are a pretty well-connected group, I often get invites to Betas of new software and sites. So I didn’t check out SocialMinder’s privacy policy, and went ahead and signed up. It was a big mistake, and a dumb one. I should know better.
If I spammed you, I am sorry. I changed my gMail and LinkedIn passwords, and suggest you do the same if you’ve gotten email from SocialMinder.
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