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dogdrunk.jpgDogs were, well, slobbering, as they tasted Slobber Lager beer for dogs as Heartland Brewery hosted a fundraiser for the ASPCA.
But the hamburger flavored Slobber Lager wasn’t the first doogie beer. That distinction goes to $1.50 a bottle Happy Tale Ale, which has a spokesdog, a whole lot of press, and a MySpace page
DO NOT give your dog real beer. Hops can cause seizures and dogs can’t metabolize alchohol, says beerfordogs founder. That’s why Slobber and Happy Tale are both alcohol free. Still no word on why they exist, but hey, everyone has to make a buck somehow.
Here’s what the Happy Tale MySpace page says:

Woof! I’m the spokesdog for Happy Tail Ale -nonalcoholic Beer for Dogs! Made with choice malted barley and all-natural beef drippings, fortified with glucosamine and Vitamin E, Happy Tail Ale is better than a bone!

Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle puppy says he’d rather have the bone.