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CBS_Marketwatch_Logo.jpgFrank Barnako writes on, Bloggers blew it. Much posting, little impact”
“No one reads blogs,” is his first line and here’s his last:
“Bottom line: Political blogging is like Ralph Nader. Nobody pays attention.”
In between he contradicts himself by showing how much traffic increased on political blogs during the election.
Here’s the real bottom line: Journalists read blogs. Politicians read blogs. Influencers read blogs. Barnako can stop reading them right now for all I care.
As e-journalist Steve Outing points out today in E-Media Tidbits: “How about accepting that the media world has changed, and that mainstream news organizations are powerless to control the flow of information (whether it be leaked exit-poll numbers or graphic videos of beheadings)? All mainstream editors can do is live by their own standards — to keep their own houses in order. Anyone got a better idea?”