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corner.pngToday was PR pitch from hell day around here. I’ll just tell you about two of them. PR people: go stand in the corner!
“Carnival Cruise Lines is rebranding with two HUGE record breaking events coming up in the next 2 weeks.” One involves a big beach ball and other involves a pinata. I can sort of see the beach ball, even though I think it’s lame, but why the pinata.
The flack responded:

“The pinata is all about fun! No? :) Would you be into posting something about the stunts once I have some assets for you?

Assets? WTF? Ummm. No.
Then a flack who sounded about 12 called to ask me if I got her email about a new website about webisodes.
When i asked her who was deciding what the best “webisodes” (i hate that outdated word) are, she didn’t know.
When i asked her if the client’s site is a search engine, she didn’t know.
When i asked her where the videos come from – youtube, blip, ??? – she didn’t know.
She was clueless. totally clueless.
She told me that they just launched the website and were calling bloggers to get them to cover it. yes, she said that.
PR people: Don’t do this stupid stuff anymore. OK?
Dear Flacks: We’re in a recession, You need to play like every move counts. Don’t do stuff like this.