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paperless%20toilet.jpgBad news: It’s too late to enter the 2006 Loo of the Year contest. The deadline was July 31st. (The 2005 contest got over 1000 entries, and a company named Moto won for the 4th year in a row)
Good news: The British Toilet Association is working dilligently to improve the state of public loos.

An ad in BTA’s newsletter: Initial Washrooms, will do a free washroom audit so you will know “What does your washroom say about you?”
You’ll surely also be glad to know that Pop Up Loos, has designed to end the problem of public urination by (mainly) male drinker . “

The award-winning Urilift is a cylindrical, hydraulically retractable urinal which, during the day when it is not needed, is lowered into the ground and therefore invisible. When needed for use in the evenings, a remote control unit enables the urinal to pop up from the ground. Then, late at night or early next morning, it can be lowered back underground again.” Mr Schimmel said that more than 70 units have been installed in Holland.

Paperless toilet photo via by Grouchy Old Cripple’s blog