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Bagging an Associated Press story is among the very top PR hits on the planet because AP is the world’s largest news organization, supplying news worldwide 24/7. So when AP runs a story explaining blogging to the masses, that’s a big deal. AP Internet writer Anick Jesdanun reluctantly admits that blogs are changing our lives and notes that voices worth listening to get noticed quickly.
The Technology News feature article maintains that more popular blogs have audiences rivaling the circulation of smaller newspapers. But the biggest blogs, like Instapundit, average hundreds of thousands of daily visitors, while Slashdot serves about 3 million pages a day, far more than 99% of all newspapers.
The article takes the usual dead-tree journalism shots at blogging, like “Unlike most papers and broadcasters, blogs aren’t constrained by fact-checking or objectivity.”
But Jesdanun admits “Traditional news organizations won’t go away, but blogs contribute to the dialogue by providing additional viewpoints.”