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pale_male_woodcut.gifMarie Aey, an artist who read my protest post about the eviction of the Red Tale Hawks, Pale Male and Lola, made a this beautiful block print protesting the removal of Pale Male and Lola’s nest. Title: “St. Francis Weeps for Pale Male“.
She welcomed me to use it in support of Pale Male and Lola, who are still flying in circles around their destroyted home. They may just fly away. Nobody knows.
New York is a sadder place for the way the hapless hawks were treated. It’s one thing to take the nest down, it’s entirely another not to offer the birds an alternative. The hawks have been known to roost in nests built for them on the Verazano Bridge and in other locations around the city. A re-location plan could have been made.
Sign a petition mounted by The New York CityAudobon Society
NYC Audubon plans vigils 927 Fifth Avenue
Sunday, Dec. 12, at noon – A large event is planned
Tuesday, Dec. 14, 4:30 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 14, 4:30 PM