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Under the provocative headline, “Blogs: Just more white noise?”, Charles Bermant notes:

“I would like to see blogs with this kind of focus and follow another wise writing technique — to write more about less. Instead, we are running toward a world where talking is more valuable than listening.”

Since blogging is supposed to be all about listening, that’s a troubling point. Some well-read bloggers, including the always-extraordinary marketing expert Seth Godin and Steve Pavlina and MarketingVox, (which is more of an online magazine than a blog these days,) have chosen to turn off comments on their blogs. I know filtering through comment spam and keeping up with a lot of comments is time consuming, but I think blogs with comments turned off, and blogs where the blogger doesn’t respond to comments are not dedicated to listening.
However, the issue is complex. Some bloggers are simply overwhelmed with the number of comments they receive and others worry that there may be legal implications to blog comments. Posted by B.L. Ochman